XR Events specializes in tailoring your events to reach any digital audience. We will help you set up, promote and execute everything from your live streams and workshops to conferences and mass video calls.

What We Do For You

Direct/Produce Online Events from A to Z

Technical Set Up, Rehearsal and Execution

Set Monetization Portals & Strategies For Paid Events

Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Online Event Services

Digital Event Strategy

Our team specializes in understanding all of the current live streaming and VR platforms to help you pick the best one for your event.

Digital Marketing

We help you create a story for your event and form a digital marketing content strategy, and an execution plan to help maximize your event's reach/effectiveness.

Technical Support

Provide all equipment needed, from VR headsets & cameras to mics & headphones, delivered straight to you, along with set up software and tutorials to ensure a smooth & frictionless result.

Operation services

We include event rehearsals and operations tests as well as a host/ess or guest support service.

What Event Suits You?

Global Webinars

Be it a regional business plan, a quarterly review or a new product launch, we set up a platform that allows for a seamless virtual experience for the hosts and attendees.

Virtual Music Festivals

From live DJ sets and multi-instrumental performances to recording sessions and social media based shows, we can set up, test and soundcheck your act as a performer, or your musical guest's performance, in a virtual event

Experiential VR Events

Stand up comedy meets live music? Interactive online horror mystery? Silent yoga? Whatever your imagination comes up with, we can provide solutions to realize, and optimize it.

Live Event Broadcasting

We can cater to all types of live events from podcasts and live Q&A's, to keynotes and live entertainment shows.

Remote Workforce Optimisation

We can provide you with a one time setup for your and your remote teams to use independently on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Get In Touch

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