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Team Building

Conference & Corporate

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Workshop & Idea Generation

The XR Potential & Advantages

Reach Larger Audiences

Virtual events have the potential of allowing audiences from everywhere in the world to attend due to its multi platform scalability, no venue or sanitary restrictions, and no travel costs

Natural Extention Of Any Physical Events

Virtual and digital events can easily be integrated to expand and augment your physical events and take advantage of higher reach and more monetisation opportunities

Reduce Hard Costs

With virtual and digital events, almost every single hard cost related to physical events is reduced or cancelled.

Clear & Mesureable ROI

In-depth analytics about engagement, conversion, audience interest, demographics can be tracked and create valuable metrics and data capital.

What We Do


We help you design and ideate your events using our user centric approach to create a frictionless experience that adapts to your level of digital maturity, audiences, budget, and timing

Talent & Hardware Procurement

We have a broad roster of local talents that can host, entertain, educate and inspire your audience. Also, we can support you in the procurement for any hardware and software needed to execute the event

Operations & Logistics

We take care of all the operations and logistics of all the events we organise, from the delivery of hardware, software and gadgets, to the technical raider, audio video engineering and virtual rooms preparation

Technical Support & Training

Our highly skilled technical team can help your audience and SMEs across any possible technical problem providing technical training and support before, and during the event


Our team can help you in the creation of digital media campaign to increase visibility of your event, maximising your reach and optimising your marketing budget


Our team can setup digital ticketing systems, Patreon payments, Paypal payment links and more – Allowing you to tap into a completely new ecosystem of revenue streams

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